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Brandi S. Turpin is a life coach and motivational speaker with over a decade of experience in clinical social work.  Brandi S. Turpin has established itself as a brand focused on healing and purpose. Coach Brandi is passionate about helping  millennial women identify, live and prioritize their purpose. 

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Our services include

Transformation Live: One-on-one coaching

Transformation Institute: Healing and Purpose Workshop

Transformation Teen: Student Workshop

Motivational Speaker: See topics on our services page


MISSION: Brandi S. Turpin is dedicated to guiding you through your journey of identifying, living and prioritizing your purpose. We are here to build and rebuild healthy self esteem, confidence and assurance through the process of healing, paired with counseling and education. We challenge all to be the change they desire to see. We encourage everyone to consistently pursue a purposeful life. 

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