Client Testimonials


Walking into the seminar, I honestly didn't know what to expect. I generally don't deal well with change and sometimes fight it every step of the way, but listening to Coach B reminded me stepping outside of the box, wanting better for myself, and not settling for mediocrity should be a driven purpose of my life.  -Alexis A.

I didn't develop any anxiety throughout this whole Transformation Live journey. . .until I realized my last session was here!When you realize you're at the last session, you're going to want to invest more. . .it doesn't have to stop there! Approaching week 7 gave me the feeling when it's time to take the training wheels off your bike and secretly your parent is holding onto the back of the seat.- Shaque' L.

Coach B's seminar made me think about a lot of things that had not been at the forefront of my thoughts. I recognized that there are still more dreams and goals that I need to be striving to achieve. Her advice on taking leaps of faith and not being complacent made me reevaluate some things. I'm exited to start applying some of her lessons. - Ashley R.

Transformation Institute workshop really showed me that I can do it and to just jump. Its like it was confirmation for me. I'm now balancing my time better and getting things done. I have dates already booked for next year at different women's shelter and I'm working on things to do for those women. So thank you for giving me that push- Pricilla H.