Meet Coach Brandi

Brandi S. Turpin is a native of Raleigh North Carolina with over 13 plus years of clinical social work experience.  August of 2002 Brandi relocated to Richmond, Virginia to pursue an education in Psychology at Virginia Union University. Upon her graduation in 2006, Brandi continued her education and in May of 2009 received her Masters of Social Work, from Virginia Commonwealth University. Brandi has worked with diverse populations and has acquired extensive knowledge in areas such adolescent mental health, family and group counseling, trauma and substance abuse. Needless to say Brandi has gained experience in working with individuals at many stages of life and development. She has obtained an understanding of human beings and the process, in which they are able to learn, heal and grow.During the summer of 2007 Brandi introduced her natural hair alter ego, Thik and Kurly.  As Thik and Kurly, Brandi co founded “Embracing Your Beauty” Natural Hair Expo; along with her YouTube channel specializing in self awareness and celebrating natural hair. In 2013 Thik and Kurly Partnered with Pink Pumps LLC to establish Soiree in the City NC; a ladies night event focused on identifying local entrepreneurs and supporting local charities.In 2016 Brandi began to expand her brand to include Life Coaching and Motivational Speaking. Brandi considers herself not just a coach or speaker but a Change Agent. She believes that her ability to relate to almost anyone is a gift; and she utilizes this in order to help individuals be their best selves. Brandi believes that we all hold the ability to change and enlighten our world. She actively engages opportunities to help others see that they are they change they desire to see. Brandi S. Turpin has established itself as a brand focused on healing, confidence, purpose and change. ​​Coach Brandi is passionate about helping individuals heal from their past, increase their confidence in order to walk in their purpose and change themselves while changing  the world.  Brandi is the author of Purposeful Life and the creator of the Change Agents Motivational Calendar.